In Para la Salud we have developed a dynamic and agile system which can immediately determine if a medical consultation demands urgent care or if it is an emergency; and it automatically sets in motion the resources related to this classification.

An expert computer system guides a telephone operator who follows a detailed questionnaire when a person calls regarding their health or someone else's. Through an intelligent engine connected to a medical knowledge base supported by high academic level institutions, the system can reach a presumptive diagnosis. In this way, it is possible to diagnose 1,100 syndromes and illnesses which are codified pursuant to WHO's ICD-10.

Some of the characteristics of the service:

  • It associates the information entered in the system with certain medical specializations, indicating the waiting time for the corresponding consultation.
  • It offers support and self-care advice until medical care is available.
  • In those cases in which it is necessary to mobilize resources, information about the patient, the presumptive diagnosis and the resource to be sent is transferred to a dispatch and administration system. If home-based care is not necessary, this information is sent to an appointment system for its assignation according to some pre-established criteria.
  • It allows for a quick access to patient's medical record and to the telephone call history made by that patient.
  • It facilitates the programming of transfers repeated over time.
  • It organizes primary healthcare.