• We represented United Health Care Global Consulting in Argentina from 1998 until they left the country. During that period, we trained our technical teams in the USA in vanguard work methodologies applied to the administration of health services.
  • We worked on the reengineering process of medical services and the administrative, economic and financial organization of the Caja Petrolera de Salud, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
  • We led the consulting activities of the project on development of methodologies aimed to support the purchasing function within the public health sector. This project was carried out by Siemens Itron Business Services and it concerned the current purchasing processes in the National Ministry of Health and Environment and the nine provinces which make up the Argentine North West and North East.
  • We developed programs with the technical assistance and/or financing of the Pan-American Sanitary Bureau and with the Inter-American Development Bank.
  • We have advised Latin-American Giesecke and Devrient.
  • We implemented our Health Line application to handle a call centre within the Ministry of Health of the Province of Cordoba which operates for an estimated 1,500,000 persons.
  • Our auditing and reporting systems have been used since 2001 by Siemens IT for information management and for the analysis of prescription drugs use. We are currently working with ATOS.
  • We have received a non-repayable grant for the development of new software for medical assistance and guidance (Convocatoria FONSOFT).
  • We have been working for the Social Security of the Province of Chubut, where we have installed different systems and programs for the management of medical services: admission and follow-up of chronic patients, high cost and low incidence, prevention, follow-up of the maternal and child healthcare program, cost analysis and setting of parameters of validation devices for prescription drugs transactions.
  • Several Union Social Securities are currently making use of our systems for the administration of emergencies, admission and follow-up of chronic patients, and high cost and low incidence medical services.